Here's what we've been up to recently...

At studio3cine we're really proud of our work and we love to share it. Check out our recent film or live event lighting work below.
On a computer, hover over each project for a brief summary of the project or on a touch screen tap once. To go to the project pages, watch the movies, find out more & see behind the scenes material click on, or slowly tap twice on the image!

  film lighting  

The official music video for "Pull That Face And Die" made by studio3cine for ABSORB.
Eyre Llew - Havoc
The official music video for "Havoc" shot by studio3cine for Eyre Llew on location in Norway.
Eyre Llew - Atelo
The official music video for "Atelo" shot by studio3cine for Eyre Llew on location in Gran Canaria.
Catharsis (Short)
After the loss of her child, Sandra begins a drug fueled decent into her own mind as she tries to relive memories of her daughter.
Flare Isolate® (Commercial)
A series of short cinematic adverts for the new game changing ISOLATE® ear defenders made by Flare Audio.
Flare Zero (Commercial)
A series of short cinematic adverts for the new Prosumer PA system ZERO made by Flare Audio.
Keeping Shop (Short Film)
A shopkeeper is taken by surprise by two would be robbers but there’s a bigger shock in store for him when he fights back.
XLVets - How To...
A short series of "how to" videos we created with XLVets to help their customers look after their pets.
Arctic Cabins - Testimonials
A series of videos showcasing some of Arctic Cabins customers talking about their Cabins, starring famous chef Aldo Zilli.
Belper Passion '14 (Commercial)
A short cinematic trailer advertising 2014's annual Passion Play performed in Belper on Good Friday across multiple religious venues.
The End (Short Film)
A short thriller about a mother and daughter taking shelter in an abandoned farmhouse to hide from the zombies chasing them.
Specsavers - Ghana Trip
A short documentary telling the story of a team of 7 eye specialists traveling to Ghana to offer thousands of free eye examinations.
ABSORB - Take Me Or Leave Me
The official music video for "Take Me Or Leave Me" made by studio3cine for ABSORB.
The Ritz Cinema, Belper
A series of "No Mobile" and advertisements for the Ritz Cinema in Belper, Derbyshire.
Heart of Chaos (Pilot)
A cinematic pilot shot in the UK written by Adam Collins and Directed by Luke Radford.
Asteria (Short Film)
A short film that will test your powers of perception and belief in human kindness as a woman seeks a young child in a big city.
Nickleby, a tale for Christmas (Trailer)
A short cinematic trailer for the stage show of Nicholas Nickleby originally written by Charles Dickens & adapted by Larry Waller.
The Olympic Torch
We supplied camera services for the UK Arts Council commisioned coverage of the Olympic Torch relays in the Midlands.
Vigor (Short Film)
A short high paced movie featuring an intense soundtrack and some of the best young up-and-coming talent.
Footsie ft. MC Fats - Revolutions
The official music video for London Grime and Dubstep artist Footsie who's currently signed to Dizzee Rascals "Dirtee Stank" label.
Chase the Rain - Awake
The official music video for "Awake" made by studio3cine for Chase the Rain.
The Regiment (Short Film)
A Napoleonic war film set in 1803 following British general Earl William Cathcart & his struggle with the on going war.
Bailiffs (Pilot)
Bailiffs follows the shambolic antics of Barrington's; a bunch of anti-hero bailiffs that twist the law to meet their needs.
KOK - Set The Night On Fire
The official music video for "Set The Night On Fire" by Knock Out Kaine. Featuring the last Avro Vulcan and a Chevrolet Camaro.
Prince Harry
studio3cine was comissioned by Spool Films to capture the day HRH Prince Harry visited The Confetti Institute in Nottingham.
Confetti Industry Week 2013
A promotional video we were comissioned to shoot by Spool Films for Confetti's annual Industry Week.
Ain't Misbehavin' (Feature Film)
A feature length comedy film written and directed by standup comedian Oliver Sillito.
We had so much fun making these and we can't wait to make even more amazing things! Why not join us for the ride? Get in touch!